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The choice of the appropriate Company to manage your apartment or house is an important decision. At hiring the specialists from Upravlenie BG, you make use of the experience accumulated in a record number of successful years and our unprecedented commitment for care of the Client.

Here are 10 reasons why the clients choose Upravlenie BG to manage their ownership:

Reason #1:

You make use of a company which dedicated itself exceptionally to the management branch in Sofia.

Reason #2:

You may obtain access to proven resources you are provided with by the sole Company throughout Sofia which professionally approaches the management of residential properties, with the availability of a big department responsible for everything related to your ownership.

Reason #3:

You get the experience of the Company which has attained permanent ascent for the last few years, in a market not aware of the Property Management Service.

Reason #4:

You work with professionals passing through permanent training for trends in the business.

Reason #5:

You may derive benefits from the exceptional software of “Upravlenie BG”, which may create personalized statements, exercise monitoring over financial indicators and other related elements of your property management.

Reason #6:

You make use of stability – all the key employees in “Upravlenie BG” have worked for the Company for over five years now.

Reason #7:

You have a certified Manager to call in case of urgent events for 24 hours a day at your disposal.

Reason #8:

You obtain access to preliminarily verified data of providers and suppliers to guarantee perfect quality.

Reason #9:

You receive contracts and specifications personalized for your ownership, in conformity with your needs.

Reason #10:

You work with experienced personnel committed to quality, keen on long-term interrelations and not making any difference between the clients they serve.