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We would like to present to you the perfect service concerning each owner of residential property, which is leased or is not used and stays locked.

UPRAVLENIE BG LTD will provide you with full guarantees in writing for:

  1. The condition of the property after Lessees (you will get your property in the kind you handed it over to us).
  2. Paid consumable liabilities as well as absence of liabilities to House-Managers, after the vacation of the property from Lessees.
  3. Receipt of the lease on a fixed date, regardless of the fact whether there are Lessees in your property or not.
  4. Removal of Lessees not observing the order established by the communal ownership.

The management of each residential property is not a difficult and a Herculean task. Everyone could cope with the problems associated with the entire process. The question is why you should take all the trouble and not appreciate your time which you could use for a lot of more pleasant things. The placement of announcements, the talks with dozens of agents aiming solely at getting commissions, the conduct of inspections, the selection of Lessees, the drawing up and the conclusion of contracts, Delivery and Acceptance Protocols, as well as all the rest related to the exercise of monitoring over the Lessee who concluded a contract with you such as: problems with neighbors, deferral of the lease payments and consumables, the mala fide use of the property which resulted in damages, the elimination of damages after Lessees, hiring professional masters, the unwillingness of the Lessee to vacate the property, the losses from the empty periods between the vacation of the apartment and the finding of new Lessees as well as a number of other small but essential problems that may be left for solution to a property management company which could take care of everything for you.

Your property management fee shall add up to about 50 BGN per month. We know that not the amount is big but the absence of trust in Bulgarian companies and let us not forget that trust is built up and we from UPRAVLENIE BG work in this direction only.

Over 450 owners trusted us within the framework of 5 years.

Respectfully yours,
Radostin Baldev