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or The active role of the Manager of your property

This is a list of actions, the aggregate of which we call “property management”:

  1. Answering calls.
  2. Creating reports.
  3. Utility bill check-up.
  4. Communication with Lessees.
  5. Payments check-up.
  6. Property inspections.
  7. Check-ups for accurate number of property occupants.
  8. Creating inspection reports.
  9. Writing references to Lessees.
  10. Contract termination issuesа.
  11. Taking pictures of the property.
  12. Addressing Lessees’ alerts for problems.
  13. Addressing neighbors’ alerts against Lessees.
  14. Communication with House Managers and cashiers.
  15. Issues with broken appliances, furniture, and installations.
  16. Dealing with objections of Lessees about payments owed by them.
  17. Insurance events – property check-up, communication with the insurance company, conduct of an inspection, storing documents.
  18. Issues with utility companies inclusive of applications, overcharged bills, official complaints.
  19. Control over assembly of appliances.
  20. Control over remodeling and maintenance.
  21. Provision of the Owner and the Lessee/s with the needed information.
  22. Creating protocols for the leave of Lessees.
  23. Property acceptance and preparation for lease.
  24. Provision of access for inspections.
  25. Conduct of inspections with real estate agents.
  26. Negotiations with potential Lessees.
  27. Selection and assessment of Lessees.
  28. Associated documents check-up.
  29. Signing Lease Contracts.
  30. Issuance and hand-over of income-expenditure lease documents to the Lessee.
  31. Issuance, receipt and storage of property related invoices.
  32. Determination of the fair market price / lease updating / at rе-signing the Contract.
  33. Creation of plans and budgets for remodeling and improvements of the property aimed at the increase of profitableness.
  34. Sending memos and reports to the owner.
  35. Maintenance of an online information registry for the property.